About Us

Allstate Environmental Solutions, Inc. (AES) was founded upon producing a quality product / service with quality, efficiency and excellent customer service superseding the importance of profits. AES is structured to emphasize environmental consultant services for the business to business (B2B) client, while also being well-versed in conducting business to consumer (B2C) operations. AES is focused on the Northern and Southern California markets. Within several years AES plans to expand into the international arena through utilization of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and conduct business with established contacts within North and South America.

AES is a full service environmental management company, and bases its services on rapidly changing environmental, health and safety needs. We serve developers, property managers, K-12 to college school officials, homeowners associations, insurance companies, brokers, lenders, insurers and attorneys, establishing policies and procedures. We are knowledgeable and highly trained in properly providing environmental solutions and ensuring that all required federal, state, and local laws, policies, and regulations are met. AES utilizes modern technology tools, equipment, and device to provide the best quality, time and cost to meet each individual project needs. Our company was built on a foundation of customizing our services and project designs to the individual needs of our clients. We are truly a multidisciplinary team of professionals, guided by the same principles upon which the company was built:

  • Direct and personal involvement of a Principal/Manager/Supervisor of the firm in every project.
  • Clear and precise identification of client goals and needs.
  • Timely, cost effective, and technically sound solutions.
  • Produce quality services and meet Client satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

AES is aware that our success is dependent upon our affiliations with business partners and the communities in which we conduct business in. AES is in accord with allocating a portion of its profits, time, and services to help benefit these communities and assist our business partners in donating such efforts. AES Inc. is a proud sponsorer of the Irvine Police Association's Annual 4th of July Celebration.